Swingers clubs in Birmingham

There’s no shortage of swingers clubs in Birmingham, in fact, some of the oldest and most established swinger clubs started in Birmingham. Clubs like Chameleons swingers club & Xtasia swingers club are institutions in the UK swinging scene.


Birmingham is famous for being one of the wildest cities for swingers in the UK. It has some of the best swingers clubs in Europe catering for every fantasy you wish. But remember, if you go to a swingers club in Birmingham, make sure you know the swingers club etiquette to avoid making people uncomfortable.


We have done some extensive research about the swinging club scene in Birmingham, and have compiled an up to date listing of all swingers clubs in Birmingham.


If you know of any clubs that should be added to, or removed from this list please let us know. Click on a club to see the details, and you can add your own comments and club reviews or visit the club’s website.


From swingers house parties, swingers clubs to fetish clubs in Birmingham, here’s our guide to the best swingers clubs in Birmingham and south east England.